A missed David Beckham penalty shot in the Euro 2004 Tournament resulted in a devastating loss for the English team, and an incredible opportunity for a Spanish football fan, when the ball flew over the crossbar and landed in his arms. The fan left the stadium with The Ball hidden under his shirt and later auctioned it off on eBay. GoldenPalace.com hit front pages worldwide by winning that eBay auction. Their winning bid for The Ball was a headline capturing Ä28,000.00!

GoldenPalace.com is now raising money for charity by giving people worldwide the opportunity to do what Beckham couldn't; score a goal with the Ball in penalty shoot-out style competitions.

A World Tour is in progress, offering fund-raising opportunities at various stadiums worldwide, while also allowing football fans everywhere the opportunity to fulfil childhood dreams of living a dayís VIP star style treatment at their favourite football club, meeting their player idols, plus kicking a penalty shot like a true soccer star on top tier turf, in front of thousands of people with possible millions more watching on television!

The first Tour Stop was in Poland, when $160,000 was raised for charity. In December 2004, successful UK Charity Shootout Tour Stops were hosted by Aston Villa and Crystal Palace to benefit the NSPCC.

You can enter a competition via SMS text message. Or, you can enter for free by post. If you choose to support charity by entering by SMS text, then a portion of proceeds from your SMS text message will go to charity. Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

Three lucky entrants will be chosen to kick for the £100,000. They will also receive a hospitality package for themselves and their chosen guest, giving them a day with their favorite club enjoying VIP treatment. They will have the opportunity to meet star players and receive autographed merchandise. Each of the three contestants will then take their shot at kicking for £100,000 on top tier turf before a live crowd of thousands in the CharityShootout.com Halftime Event!

Each entrant will have three tries to kick The Ball through a target placed within a regulation football net. Any kicker that misses the hole in the target, but hits the target itself, will advance to the next round for another chance. If a kicker successfully kicks the Ball through the targetís hole, he or she will win the £100,000.

Contest is open to UK residents over the age of 18.

See Contest Rules for full details.

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